whole health encompasses our core mission of helping a wide range of clients – men and women of all ages – to lead healthy, active lifestyles through a balanced approach to fitness and nutrition.

whole health coaching offers a holistic approach to health, which focuses on the mental, emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of one's life.

whole health  personal training includes private, semi-private, and small group conducted by our highly qualified, highly experienced professional staff.

Our whole health personal trainers are also certified to work with seniors, those recovering from surgeries, and others requiring specialized workouts.

For more information about whole health coaching or personal training, please contact:  wholehealth@fitlifemelrose.com

Whole Health Personal Coaching

60 Minutes
1 Session:         $125
3 Sessions:      
6 Sessions:      
12 Sessions: 
18 Sessions: 
24 Sessions:
(*Includes a complimentary fitpass)

Fitness Evaluation

Personal Training (Private)

55 Minutes
1 Session:         $80
3 Sessions:      
6 Sessions:      
12 Sessions:    
18 Sessions: 
24 Sessions:
(*includes a complimentary fitpass)

Other Whole Health Services

For information regarding our 30-minute (private), semi-private, and small group training packages, please contact: wholehealth@fitlifemelrose.com

To schedule a complimentary, 15-minute consultation:

To encourage ourwhole health  clients to take advantage of our variety of classes, we include our new  fitpass, providing unlimited access to our entire fit life class schedule, we have included a complimentary fitpassinto some of our coaching and personal training packages - compare and save!